The Teach & Learn Center

"The solution does not rest in the depths of the ocean nor in the heavens above. It is deep within us, within our own consciousness.”  (From Sinai to Ethiopia, Rabbi Dr. Sharon Shalom)

Over the course of their career, teachers shape their professional identity, refine their practice and thinking along the way, and develop their professional vision.

To ensure that teachers’ experience in the classroom supports the development of their professional abilities, it is important that they be involved in learning which is grounded in 3 basic principles:

Continuous observation of and inquiry into teaching practice

Participation in a professional learning community

Autonomous direction of the learning process in accordance with teachers’ own needs and challenges

The Teach & Learn Center at Kerem was founded with the goal of working with teachers to address their learning needs and the variety of challenges they face in the field. This stems from the belief that learning and teaching are intertwined and that there is a tremendous amount of practical knowledge embedded in teachers’ day-to-day work in schools which can be extracted and used to bolster teachers’ professional learning.

We invite teams of teachers in schools to join one of our existing programs or to work with our team to build a process that would best suit you.


Teachers Leading Learning Communities

Kerem Institute leads the city of Jerusalem’s Teacher Leaders program on behalf of and together with the Jerusalem District (Manhi) and the municipality. The goal of this program is to affect change in the professional development culture of teachers and to bring their learning within professional communities in schools to the fore.

The teacher leaders represent all sectors of Jerusalem’s education system and serve as a leading and influential network in schools and in the district. This network shares knowledge and creates expanding ripples of impact.

Program Goals:

  • Improving teaching and learning processes in the classroom
  • Formation of pedagogical (teacher) leadership whose influence spans both the school level and the district level
  • Formation and operation of learning communities that include teachers from all sectors

Who is this program for?

Excellent teachers who are creative, have a clear educational perspective, are interested in teaching and pedagogy, and who want to lead either in-school or cross-school peer learning processes. The learning will be focused on investigating teaching practices, planning improvements to learning and teaching processes and their implementation.

How do I apply?

A district wide call for applications (קול קורא) is publicized once a year around March. The application requires coordination with and a recommendation from the school principal.

For more details contact:

Kanfe Yona

המורה שולה-שחורה

"קיץ 2007,ימי ההיערכות של בית הספר שעמדתי ללמד בו באותה שנה. אני עומדת בהתרגשות ובהרבה שמחה בכניסה הראשית של בית ספנו כדי לקבל את פניהם של תלמידיי לעתיד. הילדים עברו אחד אחד בליווי הוריהם. אני מחייכת אליהם, אומרת בוקר טוב, ומכוונת אותם למקום המפגש הכיתתי. והנה מגיעה אם עם בתה, אומרת בוקר טוב באדיבות ומוסיפה: " באנו לפגישה עם המורה שולה". היא מביטה סביבה ועליי, כאילו היא מחכה שאכוון אותה אל המורה שולה. באותה שנייה אני קולטת שהיא מצפה לשולה אחרת. אני מתעכבת שניות מפר ושואלת איך קוראים לילדה, ואז אומרת:"אני המורה שולה". פתאום אני רואה שפניה של האישה משתנות. היא חוזרת צעד אחורה ומגמגמת " אני לא ידעתי…נעים מאוד, אני…לא חשבתי…".

שולה מולא (2010), המאבק "להיות רגיל": תלמידים אתיופים נפגשים עם גזענות בבתי ספר דתיים (עבודת תזה)

The Kanfe Yona (Yona’s Wings) program, in memory of Yonah Bogale, works toward successful integration of Ethiopian teachers into the education system. The program serves Jerusalem and the surrounding areas and is an initiative of the Jerusalem Municipality and its Education Administration together with The Jerusalem Fund.

Kanfe Yona is aimed at integrating and placing outstanding Ethiopian teachers into the local education system, as pioneers who can encourage the integration of other teachers from the community in the future. We regard this program as training agents for change, first within teachers’ rooms and then among the schools’ communities. We believe that the change in attitudes towards Ethiopian teachers impacts the staff, and creates more ripples of influence: the students, who see the teachers as role models, the community and the Israeli society as a whole.

Despite a strong desire and many resources invested,  successfully integrating Ethiopian teachers into the school system remains a challenge. We, together with the teachers, seek to carefully examine this challenge in an open and honest way and to develop a training and support program for teachers and schools who are working toward this important goal.

Program Principles:

  • Recruiting and interviewing teaching candidates- those with a teaching license, teaching certification, or documented completion of 80% of their studies
  • Support in recruiting schools suitable for teacher placement- coordinating interviews for the teachers and offering guidance in the interview process
  • A course on the topic: Between Personal and Professional Identity. Participation in the course includes a personal project and offers a stipend.
  • One-on-one guidance and mentoring
  • Guidance for school staff

For more details contact:

Teaching Hebrew in the Arab Sector

The teacher contributes much more than just language–{he/she brings] acceptance of the other.  (Jerusalem Principal)

The Kerem Institute leads a ground-breaking program which integrates Jewish Hebrew language teachers into Arab schools in Eastern Jerusalem. This program, an initiative of the Jerusalem Municipality and its Education Administration together with The Jerusalem Fund, works in schools that teach the Israeli national curriculum and have the complete support of the principal.

Program Goals:

  • Addressing the current growing need for Hebrew teachers in Eastern Jerusalem
  • Creating a wider variety within teachers’ rooms in the city- exposing teachers and students to teachers from different backgrounds.

Program Includes:

  • Professional Development in teaching Hebrew as a second language
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Group learning sessions
  • Learning spoken Arabic

Who is this program for?

Certified teachers with experience in teaching who are interested in teaching Hebrew, becoming part of a school staff in Eastern Jerusalem, and taking part in a one of a kind program.

For more details contact: